Online il nuovo major upgrade del controverso titolo

Di fatto, dopo un anno di attesa e tante, tantissime critiche da parte dei giocatori di tutto il mondo, in parte per alcune speranze disilluse, in parte per un indie vestito da tripla A che non ha convinto troppe persone, ma in soldoni il risultato è che Hello Games ha portato infine il multiplayer, promesso da sempre, fino a  16 giocatori e una parte di narrativa di quasi trenta ore, come a dire che ora il gioco è definitivo... anche se ha sforato leggermente con il limite di tempo.

Di seguito le novità introdotte:


• Increased variety in weather, planet and structure names

• More base building parts have unique names

• Prevented trees spawning on sheer cliffs

• Improved object placement on slopes

• Improved grass placement and density

• Changed the default starting ship model

• Regenerated galaxy to remove differences between survival, normal and creative game modes

• Improved building distribution

• Increased distribution of heridium deposits

• Improved generation of beaches along shorelines

• Repositioned player bases to accommodate generation changes


• Improved balance of hazards between planets

• Improved settings for hazard damage and strength

• Reduce cave hazard recharge times

• Added Shielding Shard to the starting player inventory

• Limited the depth at which buildings can spawn underwater


• More tech available in tech shops

• Balanced tech shop standing requirements

• Standing lights have a proper name when you interact with them

• Increased robustness of systems for locating buildings

• Increased number and types of objects which can be scanned

• Increased information available about scanned foliage and creatures

• Improved planet resource lists

• Craftable products now sorted by most recent use

• Improved differentiation of weapons

• Fixed pinning product recipes and technology guides

• Continued story unlocked through abandoned buildings

• Added interactions and dialogue options for many structures and characters

• Overhauled secondary character interactions


• Alloys, farm products and new gas products now form separate branches of a larger craft tree

• Added new valuable higher tier craft products

• Added new harvester to harvest atmospheric gases

• Added new trade specific products

• Added new farmable "Star Bramble" plant

• Added larger 4 plant hydroponic tray

• Increased contrast between picked and unpicked resource plants to more easily tell them apart

• Balanced priced of alloys, farm products and gases

• Improved distributions of resources on planets

• Improved scan ranges for resources on planets

• Added scan markers on more smaller plutonium crystals to aid resource gathering


• Balanced freighter prices

• Fixed collision on freighter bridge

• Added freighter classes

• Added ability to warp in your freighter

• Fixed floating turrets on capital freighters


• Improved space heavy air

• Added requirement to scan planets in order to reveal their names

• Improved planet name display as you enter orbit

• Fix for massive carve radius when mining asteroids


• Updated galactic map UI

• Improved galactic map controls

• Improved star names gathered in galaxy map flythrough

• Improved distribution of different coloured stars

• Added interstellar scan events


• Added ability to summon your ship from the quick menu

• Refined ship reticules

• Added new holographic cockpit HUD elements: mini map, pulse drive warning and target ship

• Added new ship technology

• Balanced space combat

• Balanced ship weapons and technology

• Updated ship weapon projectile effects

• Updated ship hit direction markers

• Improved flare graphics on ships

• Improved loot containers dropped by AI ships

• Improved effects on damaged AI ships

• Balanced crashed ships broken slots and repair costs

• Added a more convenient swap inventory button for moving items between new/crashed ships and storage units

• Updated design of Atlas pass icons

• Added ability to look around the cockpit when landed

• Allowed player to remain in ship cockpit after landing

• Improved spawning and distribution of AI ships

• Improved ship altimeter

• Added in-ship communicator

• Added button prompt for ship zoom

• Fixed a bug where your ship could become invisible by visiting the galactic map

• Improved Pirate systems including the ability to negotiate or call in support

• Added low flight mode

• Improved landing code


• Divided options menu into several pages

• Revised Journey page

• New Gek, Korvax and Vy'keen medals

• New medals for the merchant, mercenary and explorer guilds

• Revised log page

• Fixed animation on markers as they are removed

• Improved binocular UI

• Updated journey milestone icons

• Overhauled discovery log

• Added cardinal directions to compass

• Added distance markers to compass

• Fix for "redeem content" showing twice on Steam menu

• New trade and product icons

• Revised combat ship markers

• Improved ship tracking arrows when flying away from targets

• Overhauled conversation interface


• Improved HBAO filtering around edges

• Improved TAA handling of grass blade edges

• Introduced depth of field effect during interactions

• Added LOD meshes and imposters to various props

• Fixed texturing on the buildable door

• Reduced HBAO shimmer

• Reduced shadow acne

• Fixed artifacts with imposter shadows

• Improved double-sided normals for foliage

• Improved terrain texturing and texture blending

• Improved grass colour blending and integration with terrain

• Improved grass and leaf materials

• Improved colour palettes across several biomes

• Improved planet night skies

• Fixed z-fighting on small glowing plants

• Various graphics optimisations and fixes

• Visual improvements to Atlas stations

• Replaced all terrain textures with higher detail and quality variants

• Added new higher detail foliage variants to several biomes

• Upgraded textures on several cave props


• Four new sets of soundscapes by 65 Days of Static

• Reworked space combat audio

• Reworked space explosions

• Added new ship weapon sounds

• Added weird biome soundscape

• Added new music and sound effects for story mode

• Lots of new UI sounds

• Minor mix changes and optimisations

LANGUAGE• Various minor language fixes and improvements